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CustomValidator in UserControl not firing problem with CustomValidator control in UserControl ClientValidationFunction="ValidateTextBox1" ControlToValidate. I have a Custom Validation Control for validating three CustomValidator with ValidatorCalloutExtender ASP.NET CustomValidator with ClientValidationFunction.The problem appears to be that the ValidatorCalloutExtender requires the ControlToValidate property of the CustomValidator to be specified. When I remove the ValidatorCalloutExtender the actual CustomValidator works as expected. I made a mock solution to the problem by inserting a TextBox with zero width/no border and attaching the CustomValidator to that control. While the validator callout.I have a Page in and UserControl that I register in this page. The user control contain a texbox, ajax calendarextender and rangeValidator who valid the date in the textbox. %@ Control.I have a Custom Validation Control for validating three controls to check whether they are selected or not. I am also using ValidatorCalloutExtender for customizing the message. Its working correctly.Sep 8, 2009 The RegularExpressionValidator Control. The CustomValidator Control. General properties: ControlToValidate - This value is which control the .Problems using ValidatorCalloutExtender on a CustomValidator with ControlToValidate of type Checkbox It's been few hours and i just can seem to find a solution for the following scenario: on my SignUp page, i have a checkbox control for terms conditions.Nov 13, 2012 A CustomValidator with no ControlToValidate property set validates on every postback. When you establish the ID of another control, it will only . Extensia penisului în jubileul

Validation must be done on client side to show ValidatorCalloutExtender, so we used CustomValidator which perform date validation on server side and use ajax on client side to call the same method on server.Check that you have the your CustomValidator property ValidateEmptyText set to runat="server" controltovalidate="txtPRI" errormessage="Please enter your .ValidatorCallOutExtender Control ValidatorCallout is an ASP.NET AJAX extender that enhances the functionality of existing ASP.NET validators. When we use this control add an input field and a validator control then add the ValidatorCallout and set its TargetControlID property to reference the validator control for the AJAX application.From what I've seen, you cannot use the ValidatorCalloutExtender when the CustomValidator is using a server side validation. In this case the solution is relatively simple.Mar 31, 2016 ValidatorCalloutExtender with CustomValidator causes an error if the be entered" data-val-controltovalidate="ctl00_Main_textboxStudent" .Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.Infragistics Ultimate The complete toolkit for building high performing web, mobile, and desktop apps Ignite UI JavaScript/HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC components and productivity tools, including native Angular components.